About the Diary of a Corporate Sister

Welcome to The Diary of a Corporate Sister. This website exists to gather and share the thoughts and experiences of like-minded individuals, particularly women of colour in the corporate world. This platform offers examples of how others have and or continue to successfully navigate the ups and downs that life in this arena takes us through. There are invaluable decades of experiences here to guide, reassure and encourage all. Whether your aim is to be a subject matter expert, rise to the very top of the corporate ladder as an executive and a person of influence, or if you have already achieved everything you wanted and more, we hope you find this website useful either as a contributor, sharing your knowledge, or as a learner, taking in all you can to help you become a success in your chosen field. Ask questions and get advice on our Dear Dairy page. This is a great time to start having honest conversations!
Our Interviews page showcases phenomenal women in various roles. These inspirational women share some invaluable tips on navigating the work environment.

Always remember that in spite of your background, with ambition, drive, and the right support, you too, can become successful in your chosen field. Whatever it takes, find your voice, speak up and make sure that you are visible!