If you feel undervalued within your company then you probably are. Know what is expected of you and be sure you are over-delivering. Then look at job advertisements to judge how much competitors pay employees in similar roles to yours. Document instances where you have gone above and beyond and taken initiatives that added value to the organisation.
ADVICE: The length of time you have been in the role or the organisation is a flimsy excuse to use when asking for a pay rise.

Timing is everything

Don’t approach your boss at the busiest time of the day. Put yourself in your boss’s position. Being cornered by someone first thing in the morning while you’re on your way to your desk or office can leave anyone feeling harassed. Let your boss get settled. If you have worked with them for any length of time and you are observant, you will know the best time to approach them on a subject like this and get the best result that you are hoping for.
ADVICE: Avoid Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. Right after lunch is a good time to ask to schedule a meeting.

Stay calm and remain confident

Keep your focus on the reason for the meeting. State your case clearly and be concise.
ADVICE: Don’t waffle. Don’t complain. Don’t be cocky.

Be professional in your appearance and actions

Your quality of work will take you a long way, but the reality remains that the way you present yourself and carry yourself will determine how high you rise in most organisations. Study those who are where you want to be and learn from them.
QUESTION: If you were running a company, will you promote you if you had the authority to do so?

Listen carefully

After you have had your say, give your boss a chance to respond. We all know that listening is a powerful tool that demands one thing. Be quiet. Listen to what they say and what they don’t say. Both are equally important.
ADVICE: Be open. Take your time. Think before you speak.

Don’t commit career suicide

It’s in your interest to keep your boss on your side so getting aggressive or using an accusatory tone of voice will erect a wall you may never be able to bring down again.
ADVICE: Assure your boss of your commitment to your role and show that you’re up for challenges and keen to grow.

The outcome

If your boss agrees with you and offers you a pay rise, congratulations! If they do not, don’t lose hope. Ask for feedback. A list of stop, start and continue is a great way to improve your performance and exceed expectations.
ADVICE: Whatever the outcome, don’t waste it. Learn from it and build on that experience for the future.

Good luck!

From my experience and my observations. Tina.