The shift to online or mobile banking has inevitably led to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s decision to close 259 branches in 2018.  It is said that the closure will result in 680 job losses.

197 NatWest outlets and 62 Royal Bank of Scotland branches will close by mid 2018.

Although the Royal Bank of Scotland is following the market trend which is leaning more and more towards digital banking, the decision has not gone without criticism from various stakeholders.  The bank is still 72% owned by the Tax payer.

Over the past two years, 1,046 branches have been shut down by the country’s major high street banks.

These closures are set to continue to impact the elderly and less tech savvy communities.

Make sure to find out whether your local branch is impacted.

For those whose local branches are impacted, find out how your local Post Office can be of assistance.