In September 2017 PwC, the global consulting firm, released data about how it remunerates people of colour comparative to whites in its British workforce.

The firm states that on average, PwC’s non-white employees in the U.K. are paid 12.8 percent less than their white peers (surprise, surprise!). In addition bonuses received were roughly a third smaller.

Among the more than 17,000 PwC employees in the U.K., almost 4,000 identify themselves as black or Asian.

PwC chairman and senior partner, Kevin Ellis said in a statement, “…our priority is to do all we can to retain our junior BAME talent and improve rates of progression to senior management levels,”

On a positive note, PwC has been forthcoming about gender and racial diversity in its workforce, becoming one of the first companies to do so.  PwC was one of the first to publicly report its gender pay gap analysis three years ago and did so again in 2017.  Moving forward, the U.K. government regulations will require all large companies to do so beginning in 2018.