Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer David Solomon said Wednesday there is “no excuse” why the bank’s recruits from top U.S. universities are not more diverse, and said he wants to move faster to increase diversity among the bank’s senior ranks.

Goldman has set some of the most aggressive and specific goals among the big banks requiring that more Black, Latino and female professionals be interviewed and hired for jobs at the bank. But Solomon said the bank is not increasing diversity fast enough, particularly at the upper echelons.

Four out of Goldman’s 11 board directors are women and its lead director, Adebayo Ogunlesi, is Black.

In January, the bank also made it a rule that any company that wants Goldman’s help in going public must have at least one diverse board director first.

“All of us as leaders have to use our platform to shine a light on things that we’d like to move faster,” Solomon said. REUTERS


It’s good to see leaders putting their mouths where their money is and using their platforms for positive change.